Do you know when your...

  • Cron jobs are failing?
  • Background tasks fail unexpectedly?
  • Database backups are failing?
  • Queue's are getting too large?
  • Database backup runs too long?
  • Microservices are down?
  • API's are responding too slowly?
  • Scheduled tasks run too long?

Stop wondering, start knowing. Give AlertBee a try, it's free for 14 days!

Monitor All the Things!

If it can speak HTTP, AlertBee can monitor it. No firewall changes, agents to install, clients to setup or tricky configuration. Use CURL or integrate with your app using a standard language library to send pings to AlertBee, we'll handle the rest!

Deployment notifications, webhook alerts, event notifications, AlertBee can do it all.

Your internal, private status page

AlertBee is your internal, private status page. AlertBee provides a realtime, push-based dashboard so you never need to reload to see the most up-to-date status. Email, SMS and Webhook notifications are sent instantly when notification conditions are triggered.

With AlertBee, you can always tell at a glance how your services are doing and what is failing.

How do I use it?


Create a monitor and configure conditions.

Give your new monitor a name and add conditions. When events are sent to this monitor they will be evaluated to decide if a reaction should be triggered.

For example, monitor an email queue processor by ensuring there are no more than 100 items in the queue and that it takes no longer than 30 seconds to process an item from the queue.


Configure one or more reactions.

Configure one or more reactions that will be triggered if any conditions are matched.

Reactions can be email notifications, SMS notifications or webhooks. We are also adding automated SSH reactions, currently in invite-only beta.


Integrate with your task.

Configure your job to notify AlertBee of events and state changes. It is super easy to integrate with BASH/Crontab or directly in your PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js or other code.

As long as it can speak HTTP, it can integrate with AlertBee


Start monitoring your background jobs now!
AlertBee is 100% free to try, no credit card required!

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