Real-Time Cloud Monitoring

Track, monitor and alert on your server, app and service metrics, queues, workers, cron jobs, APIs and more!
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Collect metrics from your apps, services, servers, cron jobs, queues, workers and more.


See trends and anomalies in your data to quickly spot issues.


Create rules to automatically escalate issues using your existing tools.

Monitor All the Things!

If it can speak HTTP, AlertBee can monitor it. No firewall changes, agents to install, clients to setup or tricky configuration. Use CURL or integrate with your app using a standard language library to send pings to AlertBee, we'll handle the rest!

Deployment notifications, webhook alerts, event notifications, AlertBee can do it all.

Visualize Your Data

AlertBee automatically builds charts for applicable data that you send in. This makes uncovering trends and anomalies in your systems easy so you can focus on solving problems.

Look back at historical data, zoom in on a region and pan around to find exactly what you are looking for. AlertBee gives you the tools to use your metrics.

Internal, Private Status Page

AlertBee is your internal, private status page. AlertBee provides a realtime, push-based dashboard so you never need to reload to see the most up-to-date status. Notifications are sent instantly when notification conditions are triggered.

With AlertBee, you can always tell at a glance how your services are doing and what is failing.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Create a Monitor

Creating a monitor is as easy as giving it a name and creating escalation rules.

Add Conditions

Add conditions to your monitor so it can send notifications when issues arise.

Send Data

Ping AlertBee from your CRON job or send metrics from your app. Notification are triggered based on your rules.

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