Joel Weirauch

Joel Weirauch

DevOps Contractor dabbling in Infosec. I write code too!

I am a DevOps / Software Engineer with over 14 years of experience writing software and managing Linux servers and environments. My experience has spanned everything from writing GUI desktop applications with C# and Visual Basic to writing distributed, cloud native applications and managing Infrastructure as Code on AWS and GCP.

My career has spanned the rise of virtual machines in private datacenters to the explosion of the cloud and containers. I pride myself in knowing what the current state of the art is while also being able to temper my recommendations and technology usage based on years of experience managing production systems.

I have a solid background in software development and also infrastructure management. This lead me naturally into the DevOps field as it began to mature, allowing me to harness my love of code and automation with my ability to manage infrastructure.

Towards the end of 2018, due to unexpected layoff’s at my employer, I decided to set out on my own to provide my DevOps and DevSecOps services on a consulting basis as well as work on building out some SaaS services. I specalize in helping smaller businesses that don’t yet need a fulltime DevOps staff but I have also worked for and with large enterprise clients and am equally comfortable in either setting.

If you have any DevOps questions, problems or projects I’d love to see how I can help. Feel free to get in touch.

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